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Saturday, March 15, 2008

last day of spring break eve

i decided since i hadn't gotten a damn thing done all weekend that i should probably get some constructive chores accomplished. here's what i didn't do that i should have:
cleaned my house
changed the oil in the van
put new spark plugs in the van
done some homework
saved money

i did, however:
clean some parts of my room
practice for a bit
take the bench seat out of the van

i didn't really have anything for breakfast, although at around 11 i ate a few strudel bites with a tiny glass of oj. that kept me cool til about 2:00 at which point lex and i walked over to joe veras. i made him get the zapata burger. he dug it. i also got a zapata burger. and a cheese crisp. i'm in love with that place. i really need to get some of their mexican food. after finishing off the burger we left and i went to gheybens house to hang out for a bit and we pretty much just played catchup and then ihad to go to practice. once i got there it was just me and maggot so we decided to start a new band with maggot on guitar and me on drums. it was pretty good. maggot can write cool stuff when she gets in a groove. she's just shy and a little self conscious at first. once we got rollin it was great. after practice we hug out at my house for a bit thn we went to smiths to grab stuff for dinner. we got:
2 ribeye steaks
1 tub of sour cream
2 potatoes
1 salad mix
1 bottle of caesar dressing
1 bottle of real bacon bits
1 bag of medium cheddar cheese
we then went to maggots and cooked the steaks and the taters and ate til we couldn't then watched oceans 13 that we rented from hollywood. the girl at the desk who checked us out at hollywood sounded like a man. she wasn't sick. she sounded like dr.girlfriend. i've never encountered a woman who had a voice like that. i almost asked her if she was a tranny.

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Brandon Schelin said...

Very good reference to Dr.Girlfriend Joey, I commend you. Not gonna lie, all around good blog post.