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Monday, March 17, 2008

lazy sunday

wasn't much different that any other day this week. maggots folks came into town so i pretty much hung out at my house. i did some laundry and i played guitar a bit. i didn't eat anything til about 3:30 when austin and i went to maggots an i made a couple of turbens. we hung out and austin played tetris then we watched that documentary on donkey kong called "king of kong: a fist full of quarters". it was so great. i love how billy mitchell is such a dick. actually i hate it. so he can play arcade games. big whoop. i can take a dump. and whats even more pathetic than billy mitchell are all the nutslaps who worship him and revere him. i totally think the steve dude is a much more interesting person. plus he doesn't look like lorenzo lamas. while we watched the film, i drank a ginger ale. i decided canada dry burps better than any other drink i've ever had. after the filnm was iver i went back to my house and me and dave played music for a bit. we kinda goofed around with some hill country blues and then i started playing some surf stuff. diamond head is probably my favorite to play. after about 2 hours of messing around cassie called me because she had, yet again, locked her keys in her car. so me and dave went over to maggots to grab cassie and we took her to borders where she works and where her car was. after we got back i watched tv for a while then maggot called and was back down in provo. we watched the donkey kong film again and ordered a dominoes brooklyn style pizza. it was pretty good. i always forget about dominoes when i go to order pizza. i dunno why. it isn't bad for how cheap it is.

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