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Friday, March 14, 2008


today was pretty uneventful. like we woke up at around 10:30 so we could checkout on time and everyone gave me some gas money which i promptly blew at a blackjack table. i didn't actually blow all of it, i just blew 20 of it. what a pisser that was. i can't wait for my gub-ment rebate check...we thought about going to the rainbow inn buffet but since it was past breakfast (wtf, what if we were truckers? don't they need breakfast 24hrs a day?) they closed the buffet down. so we opted for danishes and arbys. for breakfast i had:
1 cheese danish
1 arbys roast beef sandwhich
1bottle of water
after the danish, that roast beef hit the spot. we went out to the bonneville salt flats and maggot took a few pictures of everyone. super good time. after goofing off there for a bit we hit the road. man i love road trips. and this one was pretty rad. people reading, people playing cards, people napping, people talking. i love the van. like 6 people was perfect for this trip. and the people that came were just the right sort. after we rove into provo we dropped everyone off at jesse and charleys and then went to my house to unload. i had to drop off some ebay stuff that was about 2weeks late to be shipped. i hope i don't get negative feedback. pfft. ebay sucks now. if i get negative feedback, as a seller, it goes away in like a year. B.S. anyway, so i grabbed the bag of gardettos and headed off to maggots. we pretty much sat around all day. and i snacked on gardettos. i started working on some upcoming shows i want to do. like in june the box elders are coming through. super stoked about that one. liz (who rules) from boomchick hooked us up with that. also i talked to rich crook from lover(and lost sounds, and knaughty knights, and the reatards) about setting something up for the lover/black and whites west coast tour. thats gonna be one of the funnest shows ever...if it pans out. everyone please cross your fingers. so margaret got hungry, and i can usually always eat, so we went to las tarascas. the waiter guy knows us now. it rules. i think if we keep going on a regular basis we're going to start getting hooked up. this time i got sopitos. super good. maggot got a gordita and a plate of their beans and rice again, i highly recommend their beans and rice. i would never admit to making a mistake at las tarascas, but i probably should have waited a bit longer before i ate. lets just say that the chorizo burned me twice. once i cooled down me and maggot started playing nintendo and i suck at super mario3. maggot decided she wanted some cookies and cream ice cream so she punched a package of oreos and then dumped them into a bowl of ice cream and mixed it together. twas pretty good.

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