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Friday, February 29, 2008

the great plague

so i did it. i finally read about the great plague of 1665. and i gave my presentation and it was good. i don't think the kids in my class were any more bored than usual, so i counted it as a success. the coolest thing about this presentation was the color image of y.pestis i printed out. i think i'm going to use that image again sometime for a flyer or something. i skipped math again today because our crazy phillipina teacher was out of town and she had a sub come in. who does that? subs blow. i ended up going to the computer lab and researched more on the plague. i even had transparencies for my presentation. maggot called me an underachiever because i didn't read every single book and article ever written about anything having anything to do with the plague. after the brit lit class i rolled on over to the cafeteria to see what dining services had whipped up. i got the chicken cordon bleu and cheesy potatoes and a roll. its a thing of wonder how dining services can dry out a piece of chicken. it didn't taste bad, but i had to drink about a gallon of water to reconstitute it. they even managed to dry out cheesy potatoes. may the lord have mercy on them. after lunch i went to class and was super tired, probably because my body expended so much energy trying to digest dehydrated food. we talked more in the dada class about chance operations and john cage. in my opinion john cage is probably second only to duchamp in developing some of the coolest ways of approaching the act of making art. one of cages ideas that i love most is when he says that art isn't made in merely capturing nature, but in capturing the function of nature. i totally paraphrased that, so don't get all correcty on me. on our way to work, grabbo and i realized that once you cross the threshold of the GT building your i.q. seems to drop exponentially and you start talking like a backwoods retard. all we seemed to want to do on the first floor in that building was fix stuff. i don't get it. and once you pass the music department and into the service elevator things go back to normal. after work i had to run home and grab my small 'zine collection because me and vegor and brendan from the dada class were meeting to discuss the class 'zine. i'm really excited for this, not because i'm excited to see what my peers will turn in, rather i'm excited to see how much i can enrage my peers for destroying their carefully constructed "dada" work. i dont think they have any clue whats going to happen to their precious projects they worked so hard on getting "right". and since i doubt very few, if any will read this, its still going to be a big ol surprise. after we were done with our meeting vegor gave brendan and i a little truffle. i snagged an extra one for maggot because its still margrukkah (the week leading up to maggots b-day). maggot picked me up from the meeting and we went to las tarascas. i think this is the last time we'll go for a while, because i've been like 4 times in like 2 weeks and i don't want to burn out. i got gorditas again, but this time i got them with carne asada. score. next time i'm gonna try something new. and their beans give el salvadoran a run for their money. we thought we might go see a movie tonight, but hollywood sucks and i can't justify paying money simply for kitsch value. so we just went to her house and sat around. i know, i lead the most exciting life possible.

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