me and the food around me. i like to eat, so listen up.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

money, honey

yesterday was a pretty busy day. sorry to all my loyal readers (google analytics says i have about 30 of you), but i was busy playing mathematician and trying to finish all my homework. plus i did some sleuthing and there's a few legal advisors on campus that help students with legal problems! now to the food portion of my day: at the cafeteria at school they had some cheesy potatoes that i ate, along with 2 chicken fingers dipped in BBQ sauce. the cheesy potatoes weren't bad and the chicken fingers were, well, just chicken fingers. after i slaved away at work for 3 hours (doing more math) i took the bus home to meet a guy at my house who was supposed to buy my amp. he called about 20 mins before he was supposed to be there and said he wasn't coming, but that he might come later that night. so i went to maggots to do some homework, and before i did anything i made myself a reuben. i ate it with wheat thins. very tasty. i also downed about half of maggots bottle of strawberry lemonade. i couldn't stop. it was so delicious. i got yelled at. so i did lots of math and talked to grabbo ( for a bit and i guess he's blaming me for getting sick. not my fault. i wasn't even around when he got sick. so at about 8:30 i got a call from the guy who wanted to buy my amp, and he was on his way down and so i went to my house to meet him and he pretty much had his mind made up when he got there that he wanted it, and his friend who came with him (scott wiley from that old provo band sunfall festival) told him it was a good idea so he bought it. money for me!
here's a short list of the things i could possibly buy with the money:
a new camera
new speakers for my musicman 41065
a shit ton of records
3 classes this summer
court fees and whatever fines i might get for being a criminal
after i got a wad of cash in my pocket i went back over to maggots to do more math (its online and i don't have internet at my house) and i decided i was hungry and i made a turkey melt. cassie was hoveringas i was making it so i gae her the one i was making, then i made another one for me. i love turlkey melts. i didn't have and potato bread so i used the rye i usually used for reubens. it was still tasty. i don't know why i love grilled sandwiches so much.


Grabloid said...

I'm so pissed at you Joey. You know you got me sick, and you know that I know it. Remember that day you came into work all sick still? Well I sure as hell do, and so does Errin...and because of you I got the shitty body flu and this awful sinus infection. Own up, son!

deadcityrebel said...

never. you got sick from eating organic food you dirthead hippie.