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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

great. i'm a criminal.

so today started out good, went to school got a ham and cheese english muffin, vitamin c naked juice, ate that, went to math turned some shit in, then went to do some homework. after i did that jesse picked me up and i went home and did more homework and then me and jesse and charley went to ikea so they could look around for some furniture for their new apartment. we found some stuff here and there and ikea ended up not having what they wanted. before we wandered around the store i had to get some ikea balls and mac and cheese. i'm kinda addicted to their mac and cheese. and ikea balls rule. so, before we went up to ikea i went in to the orem city court office to sign the promise to appear and i asked that the city prosecutor give me a call, i wantd to know what to expect so i could make an informed plea (i inadvertantly broke the law thinking uvsc was throwing things out when in actuality they were selling all that stuff they leave outside, and i got charged with theft.), and while we were at ikea the prosecutor called and gave me the news. i'm gonna get screwed if i plea guilty, and a no contest plea is basically a guilty plea and there are no abeyance pleas for theft. so i'm pleading not guilty. and i hope my court appointed lawyer isn't rick moranis. after ikea we went to jesses sisters house to grab a table and chairs and i got to meet their kid named luke. luke loves books about the weather. and books about dinosaurs. when luke grows up he wants to be a truck driver, and a weatherman on the weekends. i guess if you have an east to west route you could do a pretty good job of predicting whats going to happen, but if he does north/south, he's screwed. so after that we drove home and i worked on homework at maggots and she went to a study session and i got hungry and made some leftover jambalaya from a few days ago. it was better this time because it sat and all the flavors got to hang out and be friends. then they went into my bowels where they get to hang out more. mmm.

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