me and the food around me. i like to eat, so listen up.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i love food

and food loves me. i eat it as often as there is room in my little fat belly. i went to diegos tonight (300 north 50 something west in provo). got 2 shredded beef tacos. muy delicioso. i really love diegos. if i knew i wouldn't get the runs i'd eat there like 3 times a day. maybe four. its totally cheap and if you're really hungry they got huge burritos. my favorite is the california one i think. whichever one has the tater tots in it. earlier today i ate some potato soup that i made at maggots house last night. it was pretty good because it was 2 days old instead of one. since i'm still kinda sick, it made my little fat belly hurt so i called maggot and she brought me home. then i played the following games on nintendo until i was hungry again:
dragon warrior
alpha mission
supermario brothers 1
adventure island
dragon spirit:the newlegend
it was at about this time i started getting hungry again, thus the trip to diegos.
i don't know if i'll be hungry again before i go to bed, but if i am, i'll post it tomorrow or whenever i write on this again. i'll most likely forget, so, sorry in adance.
i'll probably have to do math now or maggot will yell at me.


quinn awesomtude said...

i just cooked up a box of stuffing. and ate the whole thing. the whole damn box! by myself. at one in the morning. life is bliss. food is divine.

deadcityrebel said...

stuffing is really good.

Grabloid said...

mmm...diego's they have an awesome veggie/vegan burrito i used to always eat when i lived down there

deadcityrebel said...