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Thursday, February 14, 2008

morning-ish part 2: evening-ish

so veronica lopez brought a bunch of cookies in to work and pawned them off onto us and i ate about 9 of them. i decided since i was getting better it was ok to eat a crap load of cookies. bad move. the bus ride home was miserable, only to be offset by the salty goodness of a handful of wheat thins i stole from maggot. maggot is addicted to dragon warrior. its a pretty great sick day nintendo game. she got pneumonia. sorry maggot.
so maggot and me decided to go ahead and venture out and eat someplace other than at home so we went to smokehouse BBQ on univ ave in provo. not my fav, but whatever. maggot likes their margherita. sometimes their bbq pizza is ok, but for the most part the food sucks. when billy first opened it i tried to tell him not to make his own sauce. he didn't listen to me. always listen to me when it comes to BBQ sauce. their sauce is like mostly sugar with some red food coloring in it. i'll take kraft BBQ sauce over the shit they try to pass for sauce at smokehouse. they've actually gotten better at making BBQ over the last few years, but it still doesn't compare to anything i can make at home. sorry suckers, you aren't getting a real southern BBQ experience at smokehouse, rather, a bland interpretation of someones imagination. and whats with the sauce on top crap? when we got our pizza all the sauce was above the cheese. sauce should go below cheese, otherwise you get cheese bread thats been pre dipped in marinara. lame. stop doing this. we also got garlic knots and chicken bites. the garlic knots were ok, but they were kinda bland and the chicken bites tasted like metal. i dont like metal chicken. i like chickeny chicken.

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