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Sunday, February 24, 2008


i didn't have time to eat this morning. ok, i did, but i was too lazy to make anything. like i found myself siting on the couch looking at the tv that wasn't on wishing i had something to eat, but something that would kinda appear. didn't happen. i went to church and maggot met up with me. today in church we didnt learn anything. just alot of singing. after church we went to maggots and put on the venture brothers. maggot made some tortellini and some ravioli and it was good, but she made a lot and i couldn't finish mine. before that i had a leftover muffin from yesterday. blueberry muffins with crumb tops are boss. we then proceeded to watch the first and second seasons of the venture brothers. for the rest of the day. i should read up on the plague of 1665. who cares. the venture brothers is probably one of my fav shows ever and i'd much rather watch 6 hours of that than read a page about the london plague. i really can't concentrate on this right now because i'm still watching the venture brothers, but i did make a turkey and provolone and grey poupon, russian dressing, mayo, and dark rye sandwich. it was super good. venture brothers quote of the day:
brock: magenta? your battle mode is magenta?
the monarch: eat a dick
i found a band i'm kinda digging on called the ears from oakland:

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Val said...

Tortellini is one of the best foods on the earth. Love it.