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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

south of the border

slow day. i didn't eat anything til about 12:30 today and i was dying by the time food actually entered the confines of my face. after math i went straight up to work because i was in a daze from finding out that i passed my math mid-term with a -c. go me. i've failed every math mid-term i've taken for the past like 5 years. after i got to work errin and i discussed getting lunch before going to see julian cardonas lecture today. errin had to run some errands and then go pick up vegor (her husband) then were were going to go to the cafeteria. so i, like most days, squandered my time looking at craigslist and the goner-board til she got back. we went over to the cafeteria and met up with tiffany and vegor and scott carrier walked over to say hello. liz b stopped and chatted for a sec too. we talked about music and books. igot the beef enchilada. they ran out of beans as soon as i stepped up to make my order so i had to eat an enchilada with rice. the enchilada itself wasn't so bad, but the rice sucked the rivets off a pair of levis. totally got screwed on that one. then we went to see julian cardona speak. man, what a photographer. he's been documenting the bullshit in cuidad juarez for years now. previous to today i've seen his photos a few different times in a book about juarez that charles bowden co wrote. scary stuff. the lecture was ok, but if you know anything about scott carrier, he's all over the place (in every sense of the word), and julian cardona is the mexican scott carrier. after the lecture i walked back up to the office and settled back in for a few more hours of at or near 4:30 i decided to go catch the bus and as i walked past the surplus lot i took a few photos of my crime scene. and just like every other day it looks like an unaccounted for pile of scrap and salvage. way to go guys. i feel bad for the guy managing the lot because his superiors are dragging their feet on getting a fence or some sort of theft deterrent up (like an actual warehouse...or a no trespassing sign). after i caught the bus i met maggot at nicolitalia for an early dinner, consisting of a chicken pesto pizza and cannoli. i love their pesto. its a creamy pesto and i love it. the only drawback to eating this particular pizza is the enormous amounts of garlic he puts on. like i dig on garlic, but this ia a bit much. i usually have a stomach ache a few hours after eating this thing. like right now. i have a bellyache and i blame nicolitalia. after nicolitalia we went to y house so i could get the book on the plague and then we headed over to brett and hiro's house to drop off the flyers for the show and then headed on over to maggots to do "homework". so far i've red about 2 pages about the plague and i still think the brits are retards. for three hundred years the plague killed millions of people all over europe, and the brits thought that covering your mouth would do the trick. that, and praying. i'm down with praying, but this calls for a bit more action. after a while i called jasie and asked if she could cut my hair since i'm going to court tomorrow, and i don't want to look like every other inbred in the room. while i was getting my hair cut annalisa made chocolate milkshakes and gave me one. it was tasty, and drinkable. (one day i'll dedicate an entire post about the cultural food differences in the state of utah) and then i went back over to maggots. i have a cannoli with my name on it waiting to be inserted into the hole on the front side of my face. adios jotos.


mrs. everything said...

I need to find a recipe so that I can make vegan ones.
Sorry about that rice thing. Beans are always better. It is funny to be "Liz B." I haven't been since high school.

Jasie said...

Where did you get a connoli? I used to make the tastiest connoli, I should try that again sometime..

mrs. everything said...

He said at Nicolitalia

Anonymous said...

why does nicolitalia sound so good right now? i shouldn't read this blog before lunch because i get h for hungry!

deadcityrebel said...

jasie, we'll go get cannoli! and everyone else can come too!