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Monday, February 18, 2008

presidents day extravaganza

so i woke up and went to maggots at about 11:30 and she made some ravioli that we ate with some sour dough bread. it was really good. i was worried about eating pasta because the last time i ate pasta i hucked it up when i had a coughing fit during my latest bout of sick. good for me, i didn't puke everywhere this time and i have fully digested it. after we ate maggot played dragon warrior while i went back to my house and showered. i also loaded the drums from the show the other night back into the house because maggot was sick of them being in her car. i went back over to maggots house to start working on my poor neglected math homework and decided i was hungry again so i made another reuben. this one was better than the one i made the other night because i had the ingredients a little better balanced out and also because i grilled it in butter. i praise jesus for the man who came up with the reuben sandwich. may his eternal soul have mansions in heaven for the joy this sandwich has brought me. after i polished off the last crumbs of my grilled reuben i started working on math. i hate math. i can't wait to be done with my math classes. then i can graduate and be a man. and have a real job and be a "productive" member of society. whatever. the split reactions finally practiced after like 3 weeks of us being lazy, sick , or passing kidney stones. it was a pretty good practiced that devolved into me and maggot playing red rockets songs and rob looking confused and getting nervous thinking that he's in big trouble for not knowing any of these songs he's never heard before. i love when rob panics. almost as much as when rob gets excited about a song we've just written. he's easily the happiest drummer alive. after practice me and maggot were hungry so we decided to eat out. after me being indecisive for about 30 minutes while driving around provo, we settled on a little mexican restaurant on univ parkway called las tarascas. we really only ate there because they billed themselves as 110% authentic mexican food. easily the best chips and salsa i've had in a while, better than diegos. i got a huarache with carne asada and maggot got a couple of tostadas. the beans and rice were super good and my huarache was pretty damn tasty. maggot said that her tostadas tasted better the more she ate them. i think i've found a new little maxican craphole to eat at. the server kid was pretty nice and it was quiet and wasn't full of the usual sweet bro suspects looking for their totally radical burritos to go perfectly well with their true religion jeans, frosted tips, and puffy white skate shoes. i'm totally going back, dude. after that me and maggot rolled over to jesse and charleys new apartment. they got married last week and spent a week in san francisco. jesse is in the noise band with me and so we chatted a little about the show and then we talked about other records and stuff they got for their wedding and stuff like that. tomorrow we're going to go up to ikea and we're taking the rocket ship to help them load some stuff for their new little pad. its a cozy little place. after that maggot helped me finish my homework. good riddance of that crap.

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