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Saturday, February 16, 2008

the night out

after work and the puke fish sandwich i rode the bus home and decided to grab a LB of chocolate from see's candy and while i was waiting in line they gave everyone a piece of candy called a normandy, or normandie, i don't know how to spell it. it was pretty good. had walnuts in it. anyway, i got the chocolates then hopped back on the bus, while i was waiting for the bus i saw the cops hassling a hobo who was waiting for the bus too. i don't know what he did, but they were still hassling him as his bus came and went. i hate cops. dude missed his bus because they felt the need to lecture him on some rad idea called not being a bum. let him be a bum, he was probably minding his own business, and if was bugging people it was probably because he was drunk. so what. hobos drink. duh. if you can't handle being confronted by a drunk hobo, don't live in a city. asses. anyway, so i got home and changed into some duds that i knew would make maggot all giggly. it worked, she got all giggly. so we decided to go to thai chili gardens in orem and eat for our for real valentines day dinner out, (as opposed to shithouse BBQ which was just a pizza run) and it was pretty good. i got the mussaman curry which is my favorite. it was pretty tasty though it could have been a bit sweeter and a bit less salty. maggot got the pad thai which was super tasty. we also got egg rolls and coconut soup. i love coconut soup but this was too salty. there used to be a thai place on 500 west next to the villa bakery in provo that had the best coconut soup i've ever had. for some reason they disappeared, like most good mom and pop restaurants do in provo. i wish all coconut soups were as good as the coconut soup at this place. i'd eat it twice a day. but the soup at thai chili gardens didn't compare. they did, however, have really good sticky rice and mangoes. thats what we had for dessert we got it to go and dropped by FYE to get a movie. i found a copy of hidden fortress by kurosawa that we watched. i love that movie. toshiro mifune is probably the greatest actor to have ever graced the screen. i almost bought a double dvd set of yojimbo and sanjuro. i think i should have. maybe i'll do that when i get my tax returns. oh and i also saw like a 5 dvd john cassavetes collection on criterion that i was peeing my pants over. it was the ultra-cool criterion collection stuff so they jacked the price up about $75 more than they should have. asses. so we went and watched hidden fortress and then maggot broke out the candy i got her. i had a bite ofone and it was super chocolatey. not for me. i'm back over at their house right now and cassie and maggot are doing their saturday morning tradition of german pancakes and cartoons. maggot got mad when i told her i was over german pancakes. we're supposed to go to salt lake tonight because i'm playing a show with the noise band i'm in. every month my friend tyrone davies hosts an event at no brow coffee and tea called out/ex and he shows outsider and experimental films. tonight he is showing turkish star wars and our band, the noise band, will be improvising the soundtrack. so anyone within a few miles of salt lake should come check it out. i don't know the address for no brow. its across from the ywca in salt lake. starts at 8.

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