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Sunday, February 17, 2008


so today was a pretty good food day. i started the day off with the german pancakes i mentioned earlier which were pretty good, then after watching hot rod me and maggot went to pete's lunch in provo (100s 200w) and we got bacon cheese burgers. pete's is easily my favorite place to eat in provo. his brekfast is my fav and his cheese burgers are so good. for breakfast i usually get chicken fried steak. best in the world. homemade. so after we left petes i took a shower and then loaded up the drums for turkish starwars. since we had a few hours to kill we went to the clarke planetarium in salt lake at the gateway (we got yearlong passes) we saw the in house film about black holes. black holes are a waste of space. what do they really accomplish? seriously. if einstein was right about black holes, i think we should have been able to make use of wormholes by now. our lazy ass scientists need to step it up and get a home version of a wormhole. can you imagine how easy it would be to get places? a wormhole to the store, to school, to anywhere! bums. so while we were waiting for the black hole movie to start i had a 3 day old hot dog from the concession stand. it wasn't bad until the black hole movie started and the nerds who made the film decided it was a good idea to make the entire room spin, needless to say i got dizzy and wanted to puke. after the movie we wandered around the planetarium and then went over to no brow for the film event of the year. seriously, don't ever watch turkish star wars. i think people only stayed because we were making noises to the soundtrack. such a bad movie. the best part of the entire film was the training montage. i can't really describe it. you can find it on you tube. find your own link. my google broke. anyway, after that debacle me and maggot wanted to grab some food before we headed back to provo and we stopped in at the blue plate diner in sugarhouse. i noticed they had a reuben on the menu. now usually i don't even give the reuben in utah a chance, because so far every single reuben i've tried has sucked without question. not so this time. i mean i did have to put grey pupon on it, but man, it was good to finally eat a reuben that i didn't have to make. maggot got a veggie omelette with bacon and she said it was pretty good. i really dig that little cafe. and now i know where i can get a damn reuben without wanting to kill people. yay me.

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