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Monday, February 25, 2008

el salvadoran

one of my favorite places to eat in provo is called el salvadoran. and they make salvadoran food. to me its a pupuseria, but their menu is pretty big. i'm just too scared to venture off the first page, but alot of the salvadorans who live in this area frequent the place and i'm sure they get bored eating only pupusas (as if). tonight i got 2 pastelieros (sp?) and one bean and cheese pupusa. the pasto-whatever was full of ground beef and potatoes and garlic and onions. very tasty. maggot got 2 bean and cheese pupusas and an order of platanos. the platanos came with refried beans and sour cream. i must admit, i stole most of the beans. they're probably the best beans i've come across in the entire state of utah. it was worth getting frowned at. after we left el salvadoran i ran by my house to grab my camera because earlier today i took photos of the clothes that rob left at my house that he was giving away. i don't understand rob all the time. he sometimes will just throw things away. perfectly good things like a hardly worn pair of levi's (actually there were like 3 pair). and a bunch of t-shirts. no way i'm letting that go to waste, i grabbed what i could and put them up on ebay. i've done this before. rob was going to throw way a very expensive phone that he didn't like and he gave it to me and i put it on ebay and made $100. i don't get it, but its extra cash for me, and i usually give him half of whatever i make off the sale. i'm pretty full still from the salvadoran so i doubt i'll eat again today, but it sure made up for the crap they try to pass for BBQ at school today. by the time i got to class after eating that hunk of crap i was seething. thank you central america.

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