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Friday, February 22, 2008

new stuff?

so yesterday i did my usual routine of waking up showering, going to math (i actually was there for about 10 minutes to take a quiz and leave) going to work. after i skipped out on math i went to the computer lab to finish up my homework so i could have 100% homework. and i did. i'm the wiz. then i went downstairs to get some food and i ran into dave, my roomate. for some reason he was lugging around a bass guitar. no case, just the guitar and the strap. i say lug, but he was waving that thing around all over the place and i saw a few people duck. he got pretty expressive with it while he was talking to me. i suggested we sit down and eat. he had a grilled cheese and i had sweet and sour pork and orange chicken from the wolverine wok. plus a cherry pepsi. don't get dave talking on the subject of uvsc dining services or you'll have to listen to what amounts to about a 3 credit hour class on shitty food and high prices. he's right. it does suck. but i don't really care. so after i went to work and was bored for 3 hours straight maggot came and got me and we wandered around the mall for a while. i looked at a suit that i might buy thats going to be on sale. i need a new suit and this one is pimp. black with little pinstripes. we picked up some jeans at the vans store that were like 20 bucks. in the past month i've bought 2 pairs of black jeans. i haven't really liked black jeans til now. go figure. so after that we wandered over to sees candy and they were passing out almond royales and maggot bought a couple of chocolates. one was a raspberry something. it was pretty good. after that we ;left and went to best buy. i['ve been eyeballing this one camera for a while. its a kodak z1208. i think. anyway i've been saving for a camera for a while and i bought it. yeah! new camera! i'll be posting pictures of food here when i get it all figured out. after that we needed to head back because we had practice. on the way we stopped at the little taco shop that opened up on state street in provo thats part of the tesoro gas station. its called taco riendo. oh man was it good. i got 2 tacos asada and maggot got 2 gorditas. so good. good good good. def a winner. they also have cold mexican coke in stock. after we finished up we went to maggots to get the venture brothers first season to watch after practice. then we practiced. we tried out a few new songs and i think we're going to try to play them at the next show. (march first, my house, with alligators and ccqb) after practice we watched a few episodes of the venture brothers and then got hungry and wandered over to las tarascas, but they were closed. lame. i wanted some 110%. so our second try was nicolitalia. me and maggot split a calzone with green peppers and pepperoni. maggot wasn't really all about it, she likes calzones with ricotta etc. i thought it ruled. after that we went back to my house and watched a few more venture bros then i went to bed.

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