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Sunday, February 17, 2008

i really did nothing but eat today.

well, i guess i was online for a sec too. maggot got mad at me for being online most of the day. but i did have an ok food day. i didn't really have breakfast and i woke up too late so i skipped church. i was feeling kinda sick still anyway. i felt like making jambalaya today so me and maggot went to the store and got all the stuff to make it. my way of making jambalaya isn't the most traditional way, but i love it and maggot loves it too. i knew that i'd get hungry waiting for the jambalaya to finish cooking so i bought stuff to make a reuben. and after i had the jambalaya on and going i made myself a reuben. delicious. after maggot and dave made us watch a bunch of you tube videos on primordial dwarves and people without faces we watched the japanese version of the ring. boring. the scariest part was knowing the hysterical woman who played the lead role was actually hired to play the lead role. she sucked. and her hysterics sucked too. the jambalaya was ready about halfway through and i had a big bowl of it. maggot thought i put too much meat in it. i thought it was fine. the movie finished without a bang and cassie made brownies. i personally think there is nothing better on the earth than a corner brownie and vanilla ice cream. my absolute favorite plebeian dessert ever. after we ate brownies cassie made us watch six degrees of separation where will smith plays a gay con-man who sucks at conning people and likes looking at other boys linuses. i was kinda bored because the movie was based on a play and you could tell. very over acted and the story could've been wrapped up in about 10 minutes, but just like dramatists, the cohen bros decided it was a great idea to stretch this one out into a feature length film. after the film maggot decided to play dragon warrior and i decided to waste time online. then i decided to have another bowl of jambalaya. what a great decision.

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