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Saturday, February 23, 2008

party time

so i skipped math altogether yesterday. i decided i needed to read for my british lit class. i hate british lit. especially this one because its from the restoration period and 18th century. i don't think a more boring group of people ever walked the earth than the brits at that time. way to go you guys, really good stuff. i want to kill myself when i read it. the high point in this class so far is gulliver's travels, and my prof keeps ruining it for me. the even higher point will be when i give a totally unprepared oral presentation on the great plague of 1665. even more boring. if the brits were so damn wonderful at writing why didn't they use those great brains to figure out what the hell was killing over 100,000 of them? idiots. so after that class i usually go eat but i wasn't hungry because i had eaten one of the english muffin things (they call them willy muffins. i haven't referred to them as that so far because i hate actually having to go along with calling it such a stupid name) so i just went to the computer lab and wasted time online. mostly at the goner records message board:
so after that i went to the dada class and listened to alex caldiero try to answer all the questions posed by my less than astute classmates. its usually pretty entertaining to say the least. so i had a math midterm i needed to study for and after class i went to the cafeteria to study, but i kept seeing people i knew so i really didn't get any studying done. oh well. so i wandered downstairs to the lower level and bought a slice of freschetta pizza. what a waste of money that is. like the cheese was tasty and so were the pepperonis and the sauce, but the crust on that pizza is like 3 inches thick. plus its about 3.50 a slice. WTF. come on. it only costs about 3.50 for the whole damn pizza at the store. i think i may help dave take up his crusade against the tyranny of the uvsc dining services. i can understand paying 3.50 if it was hand thrown dough, but this crap is pretty unacceptable.
so i went and took my midterm and i think i did ok. its always pretty relieving to see one of my classmates taking the test at the same time as me, you know, like a section solidarity. it feels even better when i start after them and finish before them. it just might mean that i'm getting better at wasting my time with numbers.
so when i finished maggot came to pick me up and we went back to las tarascas to get a good dose of 110%. maggot got some gorditas that were stupid good. i got some carne asada tacos with beans and rice. good lawd was they good. they have like this lime cilantro type salsa that was slaying me. so i mixed a little in with the beans and rice and put some on the tacos. i was in 110% heaven man. i think i ate so much that a rib broke. because my ass was full. so after that i went to the mall to get the alterations and to pay for my suit. so pimp. and then alicia showed up and we wandered around for a bit. alicia hates the mall. i think its kinda funny. so after that we went over to jasie and annalisa and jendar's place to hang out for a bit. i guess they were having dessert and game night. there was some mad dr.mario playing going on. and people brought some tasty desserts that i was too full to eat. lame. after a while i did feel empty enough to eat some doughnut holes. then i got a ride home with carrie and there was a chocolate lab puppy in the car. chocolate labs rule.


Val said...

How is that Dada class? Sounds like a good time...

deadcityrebel said...

super great