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Thursday, February 14, 2008


so i woke up late and didn't have time to make a sandwich for while i was at work. i guess i'll have to go down to the cafeteria and eat some of the shit they peddle. i'm pretty convinced uvsc has some of the worst food on earth, second only to macon elementary in memphis TN. has anyone ever had the bacon at uvsc? sucks. sausage? sucks. the only good thing to eat here regularly are the garden burgers with bacon (somehow it makes the bacon taste better). also the chinese food place is ok, and at teryaki stix the curry bowl is edible. i'm no snob by any means, but seriously. so before i went to math today i had a cranberry muffin, which sucked because i thought it was a blueberry muffin (oh i just remembered i like the english muffin sandiwch things they sell, those are pretty good if you can get a ham and cheese one) and a blue machine naked juice, which also sucked. this was probably the first time i had naked juice that tasted like some balls. it was kinda sour and bad. like balls. thankfully there was no hair because then it would have been balls.
saved! the er(r)in's at work are going to noodles and co and are getting me some chicken noodle soup! suck it dining services!

now, about tonight, its valentines day and me and maggot decided to wait til tomorrow to go out. we're both still pretty sick and combined with me hating most of the wait staff in utah county, plus the citizens of utah county always = me in a cranky mood. i think tonight i'll make that sandwich i was going to make for lunch.
its one of my favorites. its a turkey melt with provolone and peppered turkey with a bit of tomato on potato bread. one of my fav sandwiches ever.
my fav sandwich ever is a reuben. sadly every reuben i've tried in the state of utah sucks. go figure. unless i make it myself, but thats no fun.
i'm becoming more and more convinced that somehow during the nuclear testing that happened here oh so long ago affected the genetic structure of utahns taste buds so that if they ate a pile of crap it would taste fine.


Ma said...

Oh BVicious, you are too nasty. I know where you can get good food, and it will only cost you painting one room! Remember - it's your choice you're here!

deadcityrebel said...

why would i do that when i can make my own?

Grabloid said...

you have awful taste in food man, why do you have a food blog???