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Sunday, September 7, 2008

trying new things

i decided since i'm always eating the same places that i need to try other things on the menu, for instance, i always get the same thing at the same places:
salvadoran= loroco papusas and chicken tamale
sammys= bacon cheeseburger
7-11=hot dog and raspberry iced tea&limeade
pete's=chicken fried steak hash browns and 2 eggs over medium
india palace= chicken coconut korma
betos=texano burrito

i actually vary in my choices at nicolitalia, but its because i'm there all the time and i stick my hand in the different bins to see what i can come up with, but since i can't do this everywhere, and since the health dept probably wouldn't like customers DIY-ing all over town i kinda have to stick to menus, and since i think my choice is the best of what the menu offers i'm kinda getting bored with what i've been eating.
the caveat to all this is that the other night i was bored and depressed and i went to betos and i oredered a texano and an adobada taco. i wasn't that hungry and i didn't care if it would make me sick so i got the extra taco. man, it was delicious. i'm def gettin another one. not sure what the ingredients in the adobada marinade are, but they are super tasty. it made me wonder what else i've been missing out on. its not that i'm scared to try new stuff, but rather that i usually go to the same places becuase i know they have what i want at the moment. i need to get out of the habit of feeding into my cravings and get new stuff. so this is my new years resloution. i'm going to try new things at all my favorite haunts and expand my food horizons. with the exception of 7-11. nothing else there looks remotely good. i'm also going to start testing the water with korean food. i'm totally stupid when it comes to korean. and koreans.

oh yeah, starting monday the 8th, nicolitalia will be using a new menu, with a few new pizzas and size options. i helped invent the cocina paradiso, and it has my whole hearted stamp of approval. also try the breadsticks. they're new as of about a month ago and they're coma inducing.

last thing, i'm going to be travelling to memphis for gonerfest V from sept 24-28th so expect some posts around that time. then in october split reactions and burnt reynolds & his hot bones will hit the road touring to reno, san francisco, portland and seattle, and i'll try to keep up with what i eat and places to go while there.

and...i'll be doing food and record reviews for the UV review this semester so keep an eye out...i'll try to post links when i remember.


Jasie said...

Remember how you were saying you don't like spiciness to override the flavor of food? Well, in my opinion, that's all Korean food is: overriding spiciness. It's painful and bland. And I've been to different places, had a couple korean friends cook for me, and all of it was painful and bland. Anyway, thought I'd share.

deadcityrebel said...

woah, good to know