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Sunday, September 14, 2008

i didn't actually get taco time the other night.

so i wandered over to the farmers market to grab a few of the tamales jasie's been talking about for a while. i thought it was a rpetty funny thing, his farmers market. ther was some ass selling suits, another ass selling speakers, a few more asses selling crappy jewelery and then the guy trying to hawk his shitty paintings. the produce was kind of a side show it seemed. then there were the dudes who set up their "band" trying to get cred, i guess, by having a black guy in their "band" with a bad leg. was kinda sad, the drummer was like 90 yrs old, the guitar guy looked like an accountant, there was a bongo drummer who was some kind of genx hippie/washup and they had the black dude with the bad leg turned way down and his back was to everyone else. actually now that i think about it, this scene was so strange that i have no idea how it could have been put together. i kinda want to take split reactions over one time and blow these guy out of the water, and hopefully persuade the black guy with the bad leg to play with us, and turn him all the way up. and give him a chair. then i got some tamales. holy shit they were great. i got them from the tamales 'r' us stand. i got a green pork and a red chicken. i thought i loved the salvadoran tamales, but i love these way more. why hasnt someone physically forced me to get these before? i ran into errin and vegor and we hung out and ate tamales. it was a good ole time. then i got some watered down lemonade and a bitchin blueberry turnover. then i walked home and took a nap.

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