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Friday, September 26, 2008


k. woke up this morning and the g-ma had some cantaloupe waiting. perfect. i love cantaloupe. then i went over to scott's and we hung out for a while watching tex avery cartoons. after that we drove over to cozy corner where i got the 2bone rib and a bologna sandwich. always a treat. i also got a slice of their sweet potato pie, which is always good. and to wash it all down i got some of their overly sweetened tea. glad i'm not diabetic yet. after we left cozy corner i went to the gonerfest opening ceremony for a bit to say hello to some folks then i headed out to the airport to pick up maggot, jared kidney, and dave zillionaire. we rolled back over tp goner and hung out for a bit and flipped through some records and went to heather and joe t's house to drop maggots stuff off, then went to the pizza place right next to the goner store. they got a few slices and i got some tepid tapwater from a crosseyed woman. jared spilt a beer, then we went to the artisan hotel to drop dave and jared off. then we watched the limes (who ruled), and thee oh sees (who surprsed me). me and maggot skipped dan melchoir (meh) to go get a burger at the lamplighter. always good. maggot got a grilled cheese. after that we went back and caught the crusaders of love (excellent french pop), the tear jerkers (the ultimate bar band) and the sic alps (...). wasn't so much a fan of sic alps. hate to admit it, i wanted to like them. it sounded like an eternal sound check, which, if it was, and they're a big joke on all the hipsters who were bugging out over them, then it makes me like them a little more. i doubt it though. got to see a bunch more folks and it was rad.

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fart said...

ha! yer a twat! louisiana maine called... they want their beards back..