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Friday, September 5, 2008

back to school

so school started last week, and in the hustle and bustle of dodging all the new bros here i've forgotten to write about the food. lately me and vigor and grabbo and ashley have been having lunch on mon wed and fri and so far dining services haven't shined too much. grabbo, of course, can never find enough to eat and vegor entertains us like we're children. if you ever want to hear a real storyteller, listen to vegor tell some stories, jokes or anything that requires an imaginnative narration. puns abound. for me, its the usual. if the food doesn't taste like crap, then there isn't enough of it. with the exception of the wolverine wok. like, even the chicken fingers sucked. the other day, they were the consistency of capn' crunch and filled with chicken butt. the only thing positive, in my eyes, about the food in the valley view cafeteria is the honey mustard dressing. i want to pour it in my mouth and let it run down my chin all over my body and rub it all round on my belly. then take a shower. its so sugary, i'd be a walking ant trap.

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