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Thursday, September 25, 2008


so at about 8:00 last night i realized i hadn't had any food since 8:00 that morning. which was a bag of peanut m&m's. my mom was beggingn to see me so i drove out to the resturaunt, fat larry's BBQ and southern favorites (larry is my dad), and sat down to finally eat after my sojourn across the continent. this was also after sending a few hours at goner records grabbig as much stuff as i could before the masses picked everything over. i also realized i hadn't bought any records over the summer because i was too busy slaving away at nicolitalia. so i got to my parents place and there was a gang of bikers, neo bikers i might add, hanging out on their patio for the 6 dollar bucket of beer bad folk duo night, every wednesday folks, and i was like, mom i gotta go inside, this is gonna drive me nuts. so we went in and mom suggested i try a steak, i didn't want steak, i wanted BBQ, but a new menu item caught my eye. bayou catfish with crawfish sauce and chipotle had my dad gone gourmand? not really, but i got it anyway. delicious! i was nervous about the crawqfish sauce, because i imagine it would be easy to screw a thing like that up flavor wise. nope, wrong, it was delicious. the only thing i would probably change is the rice. if they possibly had like a wild rice pilaf, or some dirty rice, or even plain old white rice, but the spanish, er, chipotle rice, didn't do the rest of the dish justice. even still it was good. if you're in memphis check it out, tell them i sent you and he'll probably give you something free. and please tip well. later that night i was at the buccaneer atching the red sneakers from japan play. got a kick out of those kids. it was half king brothers and half north mississippi allstars with some firestarter thrown in. i then proceeded outdoors while girls of the gravitron played and found someone had left a half basket of chicken fingers, which i freely partook of. thanks to whoever wasn't hungry.

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