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Saturday, May 30, 2009

coons on the wall

so, there's yet another little burger joint on center street in provo. this one is called stumpy burger. i guess these folks hail from missouri (southerwestern) and they are raccoon themed. like, coons everywhere. there's even a real dead coon on the wall. the staff all have a coon tail on the back of their aprons. pretty funny. me and dave went the other day and tried it out. pretty damn tasty. they have fresh strawberry pie, though they had run out by the time we got there. so, logically, we went back the next day. this time with charley, and we hapened to show up at the same time as dj kidd widd and katie G. we all basically got the same thing (quarter lb chbrgr), except dave, who got the fish sliders. the only two people who would regularly buy fish sandwiches are dave and jesse rex. i don't get it. anyway, everyone agreed stumpys was a pretty damn good little spot. they got these huge fresh cut fries that have the best potato flavor i've had in a while. i dig stumpys and give it four thumbs up.
also get their strawberry pie.


DruglessxF said...

That shit is helluv gross. If I see anything dead nailed to the wall, I'm usually right back out the door.

deadcityrebel said...


c. said...

that's because fish sandwiches are delicious
fish sliders though? that's weird.