me and the food around me. i like to eat, so listen up.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


the other night after dave's hippie show at the girl house, he and me and juliette went to sonic to grab some foodz. i ain't been to sonic in a while but we were all stoked on it so we rolled up to that sonic and got some eats. me and dave got the chicken toaster thing and juliette got some breakfast whatnots with no meat. dave decided to get an order of the cheese bites. and i decidded to partake of a few of them. goodness gracious. those little fried cheesy bits of heaven were delicious. i could eat probably a gallon and a half of those. without any kind of dipping sauce. they were that good. it isn't often a fast food joint can make a lil treat like that that tastes so good. i'm gonna go again soon and get some of my own.


Ashley Thalman said...

cause its fried. got it?

deadcityrebel said...

get it, i got it, i know its good.