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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

taking back the kitchen

so i got this little roomate kid who is always making food. he doesn't know how to cook, always making like ramen and soup and stuff you only make when you can't figure out how to put a few things together in a pot or skillet and make it taste good with your favorite spices and seasonings. one of his favorite things to make is eggs. apparently no one has ever told him about what happens when a raw egg hits hot metal. to be able to eat most of the egg when its cooked requires some sort of lubricant, which he never found out about. so, we usually end up with about 5 or 6 skillets with a few eggs worth of crusty leftover egg. i don't know if he keeps cooking new eggs over the old eggs or what, but me and dave got tired of it. so, we cleaned the kitchen and washed dishes, in the past we didn't care, but after a while we kinda gave up because his dirty dishes were so overwhelming, but now we're taking the kitchen back with a vengeance. if he leaves dirty egg crust in any more skillets, hes sleeping with them. hopefully he'll get the message. for his sake. so as part of our reclamation project, i decided to start cooking again.
sunday i decided i wantd to break out the old crock pot and make apot roast, which i did. but as i was buying the stuff for the roast i realized my crock pot wasn't big enough so i upgraded. now i gots two crock pots. dual crocking. i found a pretty good marbly roast on sale and got some red potatoes because russets are flavorless and bland. i also threw in an onion and some carrots. i was gonna use celery too but smiths decided not to have any, so celery flakes were used instead. also included were some of my staples:
red wine vinegar, fresh garlic, granulated garlic, onion powder, bay leaves, greek seasoning, and rosemary in varying porportions.
it was super tasty. i ate it with dave and jesse and charley and bryan and jen and cath. fun time.
i decided i was on a roll and i that i needed to cook again, and for anyone who doesn't know, the only question i have about food is this:
i could really care less where it came or who made it or what, none of that matters. if it doesn't taste good i don't wanna eat it.
so, my buddy ryan was telling me he had gotten a hold of some fresh salmon and wanted to cook it up, and we planned to meet on monday and cook that shit up. which we did. and guess what, it tasted good. marni came over too and ate some with us. on the salmon, i grilled it in my kick-ass cast iron skillett (which i had to re-season because some dumbass don't know how to use a cast iron skillett).
most people really like salmon with lemons, but guess what, lemons on salmon suck. i use lime. lime on salmon is good because it doesn't have the shitty lemon aftertaste and it still kills the fishy taste that seems to turn most people off to salmon. so i start by taking a fork to the salmon fillets (no steaks, the steaks usually got bones in 'em and i don't do fishbones) and poking a ton of holes in it then squeezing the lime in and rubbing the juice and pulp down into the meat fibers, then i seal it off with some olive oil (which blends pretty well with the lime juice). after that i hit it with my favorite spice blends, usually some basil and greek seasoning (its my seasonall) and black pepper garlic and onion powder. i pretty much use the same compliment on every thing i eat. but guess what? it all tastes good. so by this time my cast iron skillet was piping hot and it was oiled nicely and i put the salmon scale side down, get the nice salmon fat hot and let it hang out for a bit then flip it. after i flip it i get the butter i'm gonna put on it all melted. once i flip it, the seasonings are nice and crusted and then i brush butter over the top and let the butter hang out with the crustieez and the lime and olive oil. by this time the fillets is pretty much done. if you over cook salmon it gets mushy and no one likes a mushy salmon fillet. when you eat this salmon you can pull the fibers apart layer by layer and while the outside is grilled and buttery, the inside is steamed with lime. so tasty.
i even tried some of the scale. it was pretty good too.
so later on monday night i was getting hungry again, and dave was around, so we decided to hit up smiths and find some snacks. we decided that for our late night snack we needed some bacon cheeseburgers. so we got some black angus patties and some pepper bacon, cheddar and a tomato and i bought some sweet bread and butter pickles. dave thinks he knows whats up, but he don't like sweet bread and butter pickles. sucker. so we busted the cast iron skillet back out and whipped them cheeseburgers up. talk about a winner. hit the damn spot y'all.
i guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm gonna be cooking all the time and if you suckers want some of it get your ass to my house and eat up.

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