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Monday, February 23, 2009

i'm a proud glutton

though not an epicurian one. yesterday i think i had about 10 slices of pizza. six at erins house that abi made and then like 4 at home that dave made. well, dave didn't make them, the red baron made them. we ate the shit out of them though. abis pizza's were all homeade, crust etc. first one had pear and gorgonzola, muy tasty. had about 2 slices of that, the next had a bunch of like broccoli and onions and green peppers, the next has spinach and lil grape tomatoes and stuff and the last had atrichike haerts and peppers and onions and shrooms. come to think of it , i need to up the count. i probably ate 10 slices just at abis and annother 6 or 7 at home. so probably had 16-17 slices of pizza yesterday. this is good because its supposed to get cold and i need a better layer of blubber. after we ate pizza at erin and abi's we watched the oscars. there isn't much to talk about. fancy people trying to be funny. sadly enough jack black was the funniest person on the show last night. i know, right? he really isn't that funny! will smith made a joke about av nerds and then called benjamin button a garden gnome. wolverine and etta james really screwed up a musical number and the sound guy for the whole show should be fired. and the saddest part was for half the show we watched it in non HD and it ruled because all the women were curvy and had had nice nornal wide hips. i was so excited and started having some faith in hollywood. then someone remembered we could watch it in HD. lame, all the women went back to being bony and skinny. i'd rather have non HD curves.


Jenna said...


meg said...

i also love you and your appreciation for hips. and pizza! even though i don't eat pizza. because i am afraid of hips. i suck.

deadcityrebel said...

meg. one day you won't be so afraid. you'll be the happiest, not to mention hottest, girl ever.

Tree said...
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Tree said...

one day i'mma get me a nice non-HD hipped woman. and i'm going to call her my lil non-HD baby