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Friday, February 6, 2009

travelling chef

from time to time i turn my house into a makeshift venue. we host bands of all sorts from all different places. it gives me an excuse to have a band and it gives other local bands a place to play in an unpretentious forum. a few days ago some dudes from omaha nebraska rolled through town on their way to california. they're called the box elders. this is the second tme they've played at my house. they came back because apparently they had a good time. the night of the show we all went out for pizza at nicolitalia, which is always a treat for any band. nick loves travelling bands and hams it up a little more than usual. we got some pizza and wings and breadsticks and salad and pasta. everyone loves nicks. so we get back and everyone is happy and full and we get everything set up for the show. from start to finish the show was a blast. all good vibes and everyone had a party. and those who wanted to party harder did. and it ruled. after the show we had a low scale dance party and everyone hung out all night. the next day the dudes kicked it at the compund resting up from the show and long drive from NEB and gettng ready to head out to sacramento. i called them around 3:00 that next day to see if they had left, but to my surprise they'd decided to hang around one more night. it was cool with me so i was like, yo dudes, lets make dinner, and i started thinking of things i could make that the box elders would dig. so i got home and dave, the drummer/keyboardist was, like , hey , i'm making dinner for everyone. wordz. so we hit up many lands market and got fixins for pad thai. and the box elders got to talk to the crazy man who runs the place. i love that guy. he's so wierd. he was complaining about james taylor, wondering why he kept being a singer since he was so horrible. we then went to smiths to get the veggies etc we needed. after we got back dave goldberg got to work on some appetizers: spring rolls. delicious. everyone dug on them. even ned. then he went to work on the pad thai. my house hasn't smelled that good in a while. and it tasted just as good as it smelled. everyone got enough and we all set up to chill the rest of the night. the dudes left this morning and i can't wait to kick it with them again soon. best dudes ever.

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