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Sunday, June 14, 2009

pizza overload?

it didn't seem possible, but i think i overdid it yesterday. for lunch i made myself a pizza with alfredo, chicken, ham and broccoli, then later last night me and marni, jesse, charley jared, and marnis crazy ass friend went back up to nicolitalia and i got the same thing again. i also helped marni eat her cannoli. nick was experimenting with a new pizza, like a mandarin orange chicken sesame sauce pizza. he of course didn't listen to our protests that we were all pretty full so we got a free pizza that way, it was pretty tasty, but i wish i hadn't been so full. it probably would have tasted waay better. any way, i'm feeling 50 pounds heavier as a result of last night. i dunno if i want pizza again for a day or two.


c. said...

the mandarin orange/chicken/sesame sauce pizza is a bad idea. that thing is a salad, not a pizza.

deadcityrebel said...

i'm gonna disagree. it was pretty dang good.