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Thursday, June 25, 2009

a logo?

so on the drive back from memphis (i promise i'll post something soon) i kinda thought up a little logo. its kinda like the old straight-edge thing, the big x with the first letter of the scene name inside the x. i got the idea after seeing this really bad band in memphis and one of the kids at the show was wearing some crappy straight-edge band shirt and on the back was a crossed monkey wrench and like a hammer or something. when i saw it, i thought to myself, woah, straight edgers are really starting to fix things. that absurd image (really, how many straight-edgers are really workers? like, worker workers? unionized pipefitters or framers or carpenters or plumbers or electricians or machinists or any other real unionized labor force. record store employees don't count) got stuck in my head and i was like, there is nothing more absurd than my blog. so i decided to exploit that old tried and true scene identifier. i feel honest about this because i work in the foodservice industry and i write a blog about eating. and just like any straight edge scene (or even productive hardcore scene) theres only about 15-20 people who are part of the h-is-for-hungry crew. in due time i'm going tmake some shirts. i'll probably make a stencil and spray paint them on white shirts, because lets be honest, they're cheap and you can see your food battle stains better. i may make some stickers to put up at the places i eat and talk about. the first one is definitely going up at pete's. the 2nd one is going up at nicolitalia. hope you like it.


Jack W. said...

I like the logo. One thing I noticed though was that I followed it clockwise beginning at the top, reading FIHH - For Is Hungry H - instead of the correct left-right-up-down layout intended. I don't know if I am the only one that saw it, but others might think it.

deadcityrebel said...

you might be, but anyone familiar with hardcore won't have any problems.

The Gorbott said...

had no problem reading it. blogs till death