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Monday, April 11, 2011

jambalaya etc

made jambalaya for the first time in a while last night. most of you know about this from tweets and FB and whatnot. what you don't know is that i set the stove on fire during this undertaking. i spilled a little pat of butter on a red-hot element and realized as soon as it happened i realized it was futile to try to save the butter. nothing happened immediately. but a minute or two later i saw flames coming up from underneath the element. in this situation i could have:
1. freaked out
2. looked for a fire extinguisher i know doesn't exist.
3. tossed a towel over the flames

i did none of these. instead, i took a photo with my phone, sent it to a couple of people and then blew the flame out.

i did a few things differently (not completely on purpose) for this batch of jambalaya; mainly i used some rip-off andouille sausage that is supposed to be gourmet and shit. do not buy aidell's andouille if you want andouille. you're better off using polish sausage instead. (sautee the sausage in butter and cayenne. still isn't real andouille, but is better than the crap i bought.) i didn't have rosemary in this batch either. i forgot to look in my spice cab before i went to the store. i can tell the difference, but i don't think anyone else can. all in all this jambalaya turned out pretty good. cassie liked it and she's my benchmark. it was a happy evening at the compound.
i don't think cassie is going to let me be lazy about cooking much longer.


Mel said...

H is for Huzzah!
Meaning good job making jambalaya. Sad I didn't get any.

deadcityrebel said...

there is still some left...