me and the food around me. i like to eat, so listen up.

Monday, March 21, 2011

hey folks, it's been a while.

i noticed the last post was part one of my tour "diary". fail. i don't even remember the rest of tour, so suffice it to say i had good food in portland.
for a second i thought blogger was gonna delete all my stuff because some "thing" changed with the internet and i don't know what goes on inside the internet so i don't know how to describe it. but i guess everything is cool.
the last 6-7 months or so've been pretty strange/rough.
i don't really wanna talk about it. some ups, lotsa downs, lotsa wasted time and money.
i got a new job. so i don't work at nicolitalia any longer. i barely made it through that. graywhale is my new home. i like my new job. i like my co-workers. i like my superiors. i wish it wasn't at the mall.
which brings up my first point:
i have a love/hate relationship with mall food. you can only get chick-fil-a at the mall here. they have pretty good biscuits and gravy. iceberg makes an "ok" burger (the buffalo chips are worth it). free refills all day. i can really only stomach sbarro's cheese slice. charleys subs are very mediocre. i will not pay $2.39 for a hot dog at orange julius. when the chinese food is fresh it is killer. mixed veggies 4 lyfe.
now on to my second point:
i don't really get out much anymore. except to go to petes. pete's and el salvadoran are about the only 2 places i want to eat any more. usually i go to pete's.
which brings me to my third point:
i have my own table at pete's lunch. he called me back into the inner sanctum and asked me what my last name was. had me write it down. next time i came in, there it was. come sit with me at my table sometime.
the 4th and maybe last thing i wanna say:
self loathing is rampant in provo. maybe the world. i can only see its effects in provo. i see it mostly in women, probably due in large part to the self loathing in men, projected onto the women they're around. 2 things can save us. food and music. i think long and hard on these two things on a very frequent basis. the histories of the worlds cultures can largely be documented by their food, their wars, and their cultural output, but not how they treat women.
ok, the 5th:
why the fuck do i know so many women who are scared to eat? i think i know. you know too. if you don't know, it's likely you're a part of the problem, so please stop.

sorry to get serious. i'm meeting my buddy mel for pete's soon. i'm looking towards a new phase in my life and i love you all.


cassandra said...

reading that ethnic food book, even though it's pretty dumb, has me thinking about how much we owe to each other. by we i mean the world, and by each other i mean the countries of the world. everyone's cuisines are so impossibly intertwined. i think if we thought about that more (if at all!), we would respect each other a little more.

deadcityrebel said...

every now and then i get a tiny piece of ligament or a tiny shard of bone in some food at one of the ethnic places in provo. it is very reassuring because it tells me it is home made.