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Friday, July 2, 2010

Tour Diarrheas part 1

just kidding. actually i'm not. so broken spells went on tour, from june 19 til the 29th. we played in CO/NM/AZ/CA/OR/ID. i think we killed it just about every night, except in tuscon which doesn't matter, and our show fell through the cracks of the pot addled minds of our friends in seattle. from the beginning i had great plans for this tour, at least in terms of food. like, i got started before we even left. chazzy needed a burrito and we hit up del taco on the way out of town, i got a breakfast burrito and a milkshake. seemed like a great idea. it goes without saying that deltaco is very very mediocre. it kept me good until we hit green river, and picked up maria and hayley who work at epicenter. on the way to grand junction they kept talking about how much they wanted to stop at chick-fil-a in GJ. i had no problems with this. so we finally get to GJ and stop in at the c-f-a to grab a bite. no one else in the band was that hungry, and to be honest, i wasn't so hungry myself, but couldn't resist. so i got a chicken sandwich, those waffle fries and another milkshake. i'm not sure what i did to piss him off, but fecelious, the great god of feces decided to take vengeance upon my asshole. and of course everyone had to make fun of me for taking such a long dump, but i couldn't help it, it wouldn't stop. until it did, and then i felt horrible. ususally after such a huge purge i feel great, lighter on my feet, etc. but not this time. we made our way over to the house where we were playing and a buncha kids were already there partying and whatnot. like 5 minutes after we got there, hayley and maria both were starting to get sick. i dunno what c-f-a did to us, but it was not nice. i didn't think i was gonna be able to play the show, like i sat down in the back of the living room and almost passed out a few times. i tried to drink a buncha water, but nothing helped. sure enough, though, as soon as we took the "stage" i started feeling better and somehow my bowels were plugged by the power of rocknroll.

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