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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


nothing has happened since last time. india palace, nicolitalia, sammy's, and beto's all still kick ass. except for the salt lake beto's. never ever go to the one on 4th south. i've been hosting a tons of shows for touring bands that no one comes to. in the last few months split reactions and other compound bands have played with:
box elders
vivian girls
duchess and the duke
the cheat
the shudders
and in a few weeks the mighty brimstone howl will be coming through town. they are by far one of my favorite bands to come through town.

oh yeah, i'm starting a record label for some of the bands that frequently play shows at the compound. expect a compilation cd here in the coming months, as well as a series of 7"s.
also i've learned to eat a hot dog and sing at the same time.


canne said...

oh man i miss you joey. i need some Tennessee blues in the district.

Lesshalynn said...

i'd like to see that last skill...