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Sunday, August 10, 2008

i had almost forgotten

but i went to memphis post 4th of july weekend. my big sis got married to a millionaire and i went to the wedding. it was at the graceland chapel. they had pictures of elvis in a paisley suit. pretty kick ass. i ate alot of food along the way. since i blew most of my money getting to memphis i pretty much ate at my dad's resturant in memphis, newly opened, called fat larry's. mainly because he's a fat dude that cooks a lot. and his name is larry. its mostly BBQ and heavily salted southern favorites. liver and onions etc. he brought his sweet potato fries with him from the last place and those are always a hit. i got the BBQ sampler plate, consisting of some pork shoulder, some ribs, and some brisquet. the man has perfected the brisquet. i keep telling him he needs to make his shoulder taste more like paynes, but he won't listen. white folks with a lot of money really like his BBQ so he won't mess with it. over all i'm down with it. its over and above anything else in that area of memphis or anything i can get in provo. i've said it over and over, if i want good bbq in provo i have to make it myself. supposedly big dane over at abg's knows what he's doing, but i've yet to try. we keep talking about cooking together, but who knows when either of us will have time. i also went to gus's world famous fried chicken...again...i have a tough time not going there when i'm home. i can't remember what i got, but it was like a 3 piece dark something or other. i also got the fried pickles and a slice of chess pie. if you haven't had, or heard of chess pie, make a quick trip down to memphis and grab a slice at gus's. my big sis is the only person i know who can make it better.
as for provo food i'm too poor to eat anywhere else but 7-11. and i eat their hot dogs with frequency. for a while there i could get a big gulp (my drink of choice in the summer is a mixture of 1 part limeade and 3 parts raspberry iced tea) and a hot dog for under 3 bux. mighty good deal if you ask me. i think the deal is over, but that isn't going to stop me, at least until school starts and uncle sam throws money at me for being 30 and still in college.


Grabloid said...

dude, i give you ten years until you have a heartattack

deadcityrebel said...

i give me 5