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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

stick it in my pie hole

so i think i found my favorite pizza joint in slc. pie hole. downtown salt lake. near a buncha bars and is open til 3am. $1 pbr cans. by the slice. as you all know (or fucking should) my benchmark for a pizzeria is the cheese and pepperoni. both of which rule at the pie hole. i scored a few fresh slices of both the other night and holy shit, it did it for me. while i'm sure people will argue with me that este is better, i really jive with this pizza. the crust has the right amount of chewy-ness. i don't find that in este's pizza. pie hole pizza is just a tad bit thinner than nicolitalia, and a tad bit thicker than este, which makes my little belly very happy. food aside, pie hole hasn't gotten quite as pretentious as este, which gives them a big leg up. i could eat pie hole pizza at pie hole in sweatpants and no one would look at me as if i had broken some rule i didn't know about. the staff are quite friendly and will chat with you. which i value quite a lot. they are vegan friendly for those who need it, and they use their own home-made nutritional yeast based "cheese", which is very tasty for those who've never tried it. for real, go to this pizzeria and have a blast.

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