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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

lucking out

so i started working at graywhale's main store in salt lake city, which i'm beyond excited about. for a few reasons.

1. i'm working at the main store, which has a soooo much fun stuff to listen to. like if you're into jazz or world music, you'd be a fool to not peruse. sadly there ain't much wax in the racks. i've found some fun punk and a lot of the garage bullshit i like, some indie stuff too. makes alphbetizing very plesant, and fun. i know my abc's so much better now too.

2. i live very close to the store, so i can walk. it's up hill, so that means i'm gonna have a nice tight ass here in no time.

3. there's this little greek run burger joint RIGHT NEXT DOOR. their gyros rival greek souvlaki #1, mainly because the pitas are toasted and their tzatziki is loaded with dill. just throwing that out there. not to mention they roll out a pretty tasty burger. and the buns they use aren't the typical lawn turd white bread bun. they'r kinda chewy. good fries too. i'm hooked already. the place is called B&D. i have't tried their shakes because i don't care about shakes.

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Anonymous said...

.... they onion rings over there have to be the tastiest Ive ever had -