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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Whopper...jr

so me and gheybin and dave benson went to burger king last night around 11 or so after it took me like 4 years to get my van out of the snow. i actually tried to drive it up that stupid hill by the temple and kept spinning out about 15 feet from the top. i had some sympathetic souls help me push etc. any way after hanging out at gheybins for a while everyone got hungry, so we went to BK and i got 2 whopper jr's a spicy chick sammich and some fries. everyone else got the garden burgers. we went to my house and then ate. i realized one thing as i ate my whopper jr's. i really like whoppers. like, i remember loving them as a kid, and now i still love them. and burger king has done a pretty damn good job keeping the flavor the same. i'm not sure if the distinct whopper flavor is in the pickle juice (which i suspect it is) or if they've some how chemically engineered that flavor. i don't care. i love it.
i'm gonna have a whopper and chocolate pudding party soon. get ready.

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gheybin said...

Remember the massive headache that gardenburger induced??? That was awful. Burgerking, never again!!