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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


so every now and again i get a craving for carnitas. most of the places i'v been to around here that have them usually have better stuff on the menu. like, i hear diegos has good ones, but i can't not get the shredded beef tacos. so i went to joe vera's fiestaraunt last night with mylee and jasie and i was all planning to get the burger, which i still love, but i got carnitas instead. the last time i got carnitas anywhere was at mi ranchito and i got super sick. so i was hesitant, but the ones at joe vera's fiestaraunt were pretty damn delicious and no sickness afterwards. they did put like a whole onion on them though. i should've had the foresight to ask for no onions. i spent about 20 minutes trying to scapre all the tiny diced onions off. pain in the butt, but i'll avoid that nect time. the only other problem at joe vera's fiestaraunt is that i think their prices may be a bit high for what you get. i know all the foodservice distributors have been adding fuel surcharges, but gas has gone down significantly in the past month and a half. so my question is, why haven't food prices been dropping as well? thats the main reason for the hike in pricing right? gas drops, food proices drop. come one, we've been gouged enough. this is mainly directed towards evil companies like sisco and american food distributors. my heart goes out to all the local shops gettin raped by these companies.

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