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Thursday, June 12, 2008


so i'm pretty much doing the same stuff i was doing the last time i posted. my house is a little cleaner though. we've had some rad shows in the last few weeks. some local shows that went good and two touring shows:
vivian girls from brooklyn tore it up. we love them then two days later box elders from omaha played and those dudes are a blast.
nicolitalia is such a rad place to work. nick and i are close in age so i get all his old pop culture references everyone else misses, but i also have to listen to him sing paula abdul songs to me.
we're working on some new recipes in for the next menu which should be out in about 6-9 months. hope everyone decides to come by and say hello and get some pizza, especially during the day when i'm working and its super slow!

slowed down on the fishing, i went today with alicia and we caught a few, i broke my reel so i traded it back to sportsmans warehouse for a new one (i was still within 30 days of buying the broken one!) i will probably hit up provo river again tomorrow. i dunno, i'm like 30 in the hole from a stupid record distro who can't get their shit straight. and gas prices aren't helping. if anyone wants to donate to the get joey to work fund please feel free to drop by a few bucks...

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